The all-electric propulsion revolution has finally reached the arctic regions. Right now, more focus is being put on electric snowmobiles. Unlike regular snowmobiles, electric snowmobiles are cheaper to run and are Eco-friendly.

How Do Electric Snowmobiles Work?

Just in case you haven’t seen an electric snowmobile, it looks just the same as a regular snowmobile. However, it comes with an electric motor and not a gas engine. The motor is powered by a battery and is connected to a controller. Just like the gas snowmobile, it also comes with throttles and braking mechanism of course.

How Good Are Electric Snowmobiles?

Electric snowmobiles come with a rechargeable battery pack that powers the motor for propulsion. Regarding performance, they are just as powerful as gas engine snowmobiles. The Taiga snowmobile, for example, has a PMAC motor that delivers 250 N.m of torque and can accelerate from 0 – 60mph in just 3 seconds.

Why Buy An Electric Snowmobile?

The first advantage of an electric snowmobile is Eco-friendliness. There are zero emissions with electric snowmobiles while the regular ones burn fuel and emit toxic gases to the atmosphere. Electric snowmobiles are also quieter and produce an average of 60dB while gas engine snowmobiles do over 100dB.

It is also cheaper to maintain an electric snowmobile. You don’t need to buy gas; charge the snowmobile from your regular mins and you’re good to go. It also doesn’t require routine maintenance and replacement packs like oil change, oil filter, fuel filter and so on.

The Shortcomings Of Electric Snowmobiles

Electric snowmobiles are just as powerful as regular snowmobiles but they are limited in terms of mileage. With a gas engine snowmobile, you can go as far as you want while electric snowmobiles are limited to around 60 miles. In the same token, they require long charging time, and that means you are grounded for any sudden call for a snow adventure.

These snowmobiles are also expensive compared to gas snowmobiles. The cheapest electric snowmobiles will go for around $15000 yet you can find a good used snowmobile for just $2000.

Electric Snowmobile Laws And Regulations

Your snowmobile should be appropriately licensed and registered per your state’s snowmobile laws and regulations. Some states require that you attend a safety class first which is also a great idea even if safety classes aren’t mandatory by law. Licensing also varies from one state to another; consult with your state snowmobile association if you are not sure.

Wrapping Up

Electric snowmobiles will surely give their gas counterparts a run for their money. Right now, there could be a few hiccups. For example; the weight of the snowmobile, mileage, and charging times are notable drawbacks. But surely, there will come better technology, for instance, Taiga’s quick charge which speeds up charging from 0 – 80% in just 20 minutes.

More and more brands are investing in research and development for the innovation of electric snowmobiles. Already, the world’s first production electric snowmobile Taiga TS2 is in the pipeline and will retail at around $15,000.